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March 2013

World Health Organization Website Hacked By NullCrew

Latest News,

World Health Organization Website Hacked By NullCrew.

World Health Organization Website Hacked By NullCrew

A well known hacking group "Nullcrew" once again most active hacking group right now. Dumping database from number of websites daily. Their latest target was World Health Organization (WHO) website.And They Done With All Data.

Target => World Health Organization
Url ==> http://www.who.int/

Vulnerable site:



Username, Password

bob   : 23206deb7eba65b3fbc80a2ffbc53c28 (soleil);

cavillona : e842795b282293fd61bc294c49edb12b (mozart);

fabien   : 84f12720e5fc55a5b69b1f946e749afd (Not Found...);

fred   : 570a90bfbf8c7eab5dc5d4e26832d5b1 (Not Found...);

jimenezn : e842795b282293fd61bc294c49edb12b (Not Found...);

jmercer : 0ce2ffd21fc958d9ef0ee9ba5336e357 (Not Found...);

mark   : 5ff5070d0b4731a4679a63c8570b24c6 (hcw0n);

mdespont : f71b202a6a9886946465dced171c9346 (emmental);

translation : 18bba49526b1210d7957e3bcf0e093af (translation);

wgroup  : 93c5044c58c9b325b0d76871a69f96a8 (lpw4us);

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FBI Mails Leaked Still All Can Download Easily

Hello Friends,

At October 22,

Some FBI Mails And Passwords Are Leaked By Some Hackers And Still All Can See And Download,

Hackers Says,
I (CyberZeist) have opted out of UGNazi for some personal reasons and not becasue of th3j35t3r, and from now onwards I am not a part of any team.
You can get all my leak updates from my twitter account - http://twitter.com/le4ky.
Also as already seen in my previous hacks, all my pastebin releases are constantly deleted by its staff,
so you can find the backup at - http://leakster.net
This federal account release is not a result of some fancy and HiFi hack, its a result of a common flaw in human factor - Trust
These all federal accounts were jacked by using a simple method known as "Spear Phishing"!
These accounts are just a half part of a forthcoming #gov #leak.

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ADULT Website Hacked Leaked Data Of Accounts

Hello Friends,

-----------------------------------ONLY FOR ADULT--------------------------------
Most Of All Adults Websites Accounts Leaked
And Leaked Premium Accounts Click Here For Download ID And Passwords Of All Accounts
ADULT Website Hacked Leaked Data Of Accounts

Some Websites Including Are :-

Teenstryanal.com x3
Sexsense.com x3
Naughtyamerica.com x1
And Many More.

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Attack On Russia 60+ Sites Hacked, Thousands Of Accounts Leaked

Hello Guys,

Attack On Russia 60+ Sites Hacked, Thousands Of Accounts LeakedLatest News,
Attack On Russia 60+ Sites Hacked, Thousands Of Accounts Leaked Today,
@TeamGhostshell have been at it again doing operations out of the public eye that has now amounted in yet another massive load of data from mainly Russian based domains.

Now All Guys Can See Database Of This All Sites,
The attack is being dubbed as ProjectBlackStar which is also very similar to past projects (ProjectDragonFly, ProjectWestWind) by GhostShell.

GhostShell is declaring war on Russia’s cyberspace, in “Project BlackStar”. The project is aimed at the Russian Government. We’ll start off with a nice greeting of 2.5 million accounts/records leaked, from governmental, educational, academical, political, law enforcement, telecom, research institutes, medical facilities, large corporations (both national and international branches) in such fields as energy, petroleum, banks, dealerships and many more.

GhostShell currently has access to more russian files than the FSB and we are very much eager to prove it. – DeadMellox

Simple Steps to Fast Computer

Every computer user wishes to work on a new computer. But usually it happens that over a period of time, a computer loses its speed and becomes slow. A new computer can degrade in performance due to excessive use, leaving the user unhappy.

So, it's always good to know some simple tips to maintain the performance of a fast computer at all times. Below are some of them:
Erase unneeded files: Many times, a user left a number of unused files are. So there's no point in keeping them as these consume a lot of space. More trash on a computer results in less hard drive space that can be used to help the programs run faster. To put simply, it decreases the speed of a better computer, making it slow. A user should regularly remove cookies, history data and temporary Internet files as well. A user can do this by using one of the many Internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.
Terminate unneeded programs on startup: If a user downloads and installs applications, various programs launch automatically on his brand new computer, thereby affecting its performance. To enter the system completely, a lot of time is consumed by these programs. For disabling the startup programs, a user need to click "Start"--Run--Type in msconfig-- under the "startup" tab. Select the unwanted programs while startup, doing this will enable the user's computer to run faster than before.
Defragment hard drive: Each computer has its own filing system. By using different files and downloading fresh ones, the system becomes unorganized. An operating system comes with a quick dist defragmenter tool which can be used by the user. After the defragmentation of hard drive, it becomes quicker to run different files and programs. Consequently, the speed and performance of a computer improves, leading it yet again to the arena of fast computer.
Detect and fix Windows registry errors: This step is very necessary and can prove to be significant in making a computer run fast. A new computer can slow down over a period of time due to corrupted registry which brings various errors to the computer such as blue screen errors, freeze, crash etc. In order to have a quick computer, a user needs to regularly clean up the registry. Users are recommended to run a registry scan every week. This will keep registry errors away from their system.
Recycle Bin: Keeping information in the recycle bin does not remove it from the system. Users have to take out the trash to keep things clean which will further help to maintain the performance of a new computer.
Make sure video acceleration is enabled: Today, PCs offer a wide range of choice to a user for quality display or increased frame rates. Best performance is attained through full acceleration, providing a user with a quick computer whereas 'No acceleration' provides best visual representation. To acquire this, click desktop/select settings/Advanced/Troubleshoot/.

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