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Quick Keyboard Shortcuts for the Efficient Typist

Expert Author Carol Bremner
Have you ever been caught up with a pile of documents to type out and wished there were a quicker way to get it all down. This can especially be hectic when you have a lot of symbols that need to be included. It can really cut into your time if you have to keep stopping to go up to the toolbar and click on the insert symbol tab to find the right one. But there is a faster way! There are certain keys that you can use on your keyboard that will automatically insert those symbols into your document for you. Once you have memorized these keyboard shortcuts, you will be on your way to a quicker and more efficient typing job.
One of the two most popular and easy to remember shortcuts are used with the "control key" or the "CTRL" found on the bottom row of your keyboard. By pushing those at the same time as the letter "C" you have the shortcut for copy. This makes it easier when you have a large amount of text to transfer to somewhere else. You can then use the control key and the letter "V" and paste that data to whatever page you want it on.
Using keyboard shortcuts can also help out a book writer in a great way. Every page needs to be formatted with a header and a copyright symbol on the bottom. Being able to quickly implement your shortcuts allows you to concentrate on the writing and not worry so much about the formatting.
There are many types of jobs that a Virtual Assistant may have that can benefit from using these shortcuts. When you learn what they all are and can complete jobs quicker and more efficiently, you will find that your clients want to keep you on their payroll month after month.
You can even use these shortcuts even if you are an accountant or someone who used spreadsheets or other software. The great thing about keyboard shortcuts is that they are mostly universal and can be used for whatever is necessary. The hardest part of using these shortcuts is actually remembering the keys to use together, once you have done that, you are well on your way to making the most of your time. For those of you who could use a little extra help, you can always find a list of these shortcuts and paste them up on the wall of your office behind your computer so you can just glance up when you need to.
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