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Download Full Version Movies - How Does It Work?

Technology keeps getting better and better. As technology has increased with internet speeds, and clarity, more and more people are moving to the internet as a multimedia center for games, social interaction, and other forms of entertainment. It was only a matter of time before you would be able to download full version movies to your computer to watch at home, or even burn to DVD.
You may have seen ads or heard of sites that offer the ability to download full version movies to your computer and wondered how that works. Let's take a look to see the mechanics behind the offer.
Memberships sites on the internet that offer to let you download full version movies are offering shareware. It is similar to some sites you may have heard of like Napster, or Limewire. Millions of users are on line, and you are able to share the different files for personal usage.
By creating a network of users that are all sharing, the provider is able to keep costs down. Because of a low overhead, they are able to offer a very competitive price for access. Typical costs run from about $40-50 for a one time entrance fee. The reason that brick and mortar movie rental sites are not able to offer competitive pricing is the cost of recurring rent, labor, and utilities. The postage and physical handling of DVD's also keeps mail order rental companies from being able to offer such a competitive price.
Internet sites that offer to let you download full version movies really just have to operate the hosting equipment and file memory. That is very cost effective and they can pass that on to you.
When you sign up for a paid membership site, you are offered proprietary software that allows you to access the site. The software is included, and it is what you use to search for your and download. When you download full version movies, you can then keep them on your computer, or with provided software, burn them to DVD.
Many sites also offer Games, TV, and Music with the site, and the offerings run in the 80 Million range. Sites also offer DVD jackets that you can print and put in the jewel cases with the DVD.
Keep in mind, that this discussion is about paid membership sites, which are legitimate places to download full version movies. There are free sites out there that offer downloads, however, those sites are typically full of pirated video copies, and many downloads have viruses and spyware.
Lastly, these free sites violate copyright laws and patent infringement. As a responsible consumer, if you are planning on using a site to download full version movies, it would be wise to consider the ethical legal way to access movies.
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