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Proven Methods to Increase Your AdSense Revenue

Should you wish to monetise your websites, a great way to achieve this is through AdSense advertising? Many web site owners find it hard to generate revenue from their web sites, but there are some who can be considered "genius" that are making hundreds of dollars daily by using AdSense ads on their websites. What separates the 'men from the boys'?
As with success in any walk of life there are usually a few key fundamentals that you need to understand before you can compete at the highest level.
Consider these proven methods to increase AdSense earnings from your web pages.
Select a single AdSense ad layout from the variety of formats available, the rectangle ad 336px x 280px is known to work well and achieves a high CTR or click through rate. Getting a high click through rate is what increases your AdSense revenues as this is the basis of being paid by Google. The large rectangle format tends to resemble normal web links, and many people select them without even knowing that they are clicking a paid AdSense ad, which of course, is to your advantage.
Customise the colour scheme of your chosen AdSense ad layout to ensure that the ad matches the overall colours that you are using on your web pages. It is possible to create many similar AdSense ads which all have a unique ID which makes it easy to understand which ads are working well and which are less successful. This allows you to customise and change ads over time to use only those that have the highest revenue generating capability. Avoid border colours that are different from your web page background colours as the aim is that the ad blends into the page which results in more clicks from those visitors who find your site.
Always position your AdSense ads at the top of pages to ensure that your visitors will see them immediately they land on your site - the location of an ad makes a huge difference to the click through rate which of course makes a huge difference to your AdSense revenues.
Automating the insertion of your AdSense ad code into your webpages is possible using SSI (server side included). This approach is a great saver of time for those of you who automatically generate pages on their websites using auto generation tools. If you do not know how to use SSI or do not know if your ISP (internet service provider) supports SSI then you contact your web administrator or ask your ISP support staff. In essence, you should save your AdSense ad code in a text file and then upload it to the root directory of the web server using FTP (file transfer protocol) and then call the code from individual web pages using SSI.
As the AdSense ads are displayed relevant to the topic that is in the content of your web pages it is important to build web sites with content targeted to topics that are popular search terms. To find popular search terms use Google Trends which details currently popular terms then build appropriate content around these terms.
Google AdSense does not require you to sell products or services it only requires you to offer space for advertising on your web pages and anyone can sign up to the AdSense program so long as you observe the AdSense Program policies.
Once you have your account and you have created your first AdSense ad and have uploaded the code to your web page you should start seeing AdSense ads appearing on your web page or blog almost immediately. Sometimes these AdSense ads will be charitable ads until Google can find ads relevant to your content. If you do contravene the AdSense Program policies you may find that only charitable ads are being displayed. If this happens look again at your content and revise it where appropriate to enable quality AdSense ads to be display which will attract visitors and attract clicks which are what will generate revenue for you.
Many people have used these tips to improve their AdSense ad campaigns and you too can benefit if you consider these tips and apply them to your web pages and web sites.
John G Jones is an SEO and Internet Marketing consultant and is keen to share his knowledge and experience with newcomers who are trying to start their own home based business using Google AdSense. Setup a WordPress blog and start blogging, sharing your thoughts and experience on your chosen topic and add a Google AdSense ad to your blog to give it a try and get started.

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