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Speed Up Windows XP - How to Make Your Computer Run Fast Again Within Four Tips

Are you feeling tired of a slow computer? Do you want your slow and old computer to run like new again just within few minutes? Are you frustrated by the constantly pop- up Blue Screen of Death Errors when you are making an online transaction with an important customer? Does your slow computer keep freezing when you need to install a PC game? Never mind, I will tell you how to speed up your slow computer within the four tips below, especially for Windows XP operating system users. How to speed up Windows XP easily and quickly within the simple four tips?
Keep your disk safe and clean
A hard disk is built to store and access the large amounts of files that you want to preserve in your computer. It stores the songs, files, movies and application files you have downloaded from the network. Day after day, the massive amounts of files can dramatically slow down your computer to a crawl and lead to the sluggish system performance, spyware attack and serious data loss. To, speed up Windows XP easily and quickly, I suggest you use the Disk Cleanup utility to help you keep the disk space clean and safe.
Windows XP comes with Disk Cleanup utility that is built to offer you absolutely helpful service to clean out the system and application localization resources, OS temp files, video format files in your hard disk which dramatically slow down your computer.
To run Disk Cleanup utility:
a. Double click on My Computer to run it, right-click on Local Disk, and then select Properties.
b. On General, select Disk Cleanup utility to run it.
c. Disk Cleanup dialog box pops up.
d. Check and select the check boxes you want in the Files to Delete list, and then go to click OK. Disk Cleanup will run to clean up you hard disk.
Remove out the spyware form your computer to speed up Windows XP
Spyware can automatically download themselves from the network and secretly install into your computer without any of your consent. It can dramatically slow down Internet speed through spreading itself to other computers and tracking your online activities on purpose to capturing your sensitive or confidential information from the Internet. In addition, it can dramatically slow down your system running speed and steal your crucial data in your hard disk. To speed up Windows XP and Internet surfing speed, I highly recommend you to install a powerful spyware removal tool and make a full scan for your computer to check the spyware as soon as possible.
Uninstall the additional programs
Maybe you have forgotten how many programs your have installed in your computer. The large numbers of programs do not only mess up the desktop, but also dramatically slow down the system running speed and waste you a lot of time. To efficiently speed up Windows XP, you should completely check and uninstall the programs you have no need to use.
Thoroughly fix registry errors
The Windows registry is one of the key components of Windows XP operating system. It basically serves as a central repository that preserves the entire configuration information of hardware, software, and user profile in your computer. Windows XP operating system, applications, and even the hardware installed on your system cannot perform a single task without the registry. With the continuous usage of the Registry, a surprising number of entries are automatically added to and removed from the registry day by day. Some entries are hard to remove and cause an uncontrolled growth of the registry. They cause the Registry to be clutter and result in Blue Screen Errors, frequent system errors and crashes. To avoid a fragmented registry, you need to keep it error- free. The most effective way is to make a full scan for the Windows Registry with an excellent registry cleaner.
How to choose an excellent registry cleaner to speed up Windows XP?
*Thoroughly remove out the invalid, obsolete, and malicious information. Within few minutes, an excellent registry cleaner can perform a deep scan for the Registry and thoroughly remove out the empty keys, embedded keys, invalid file associations, old application paths, uninstall entries and obsolete program shortcuts from the registry. After that, your computer will run like a new one!
*Powerful registry backup options. In virtue of it plays a crucial role in the functioning of the Windows XP, you must create a full registry backup before you start making any changes in the registry. An excellent registry cleaner comes with backup and restore options that can protect your system from any serious data loss.
*Remove embedded keys. Embedded keys are automatically come into the registry when you are installing a shareware program due to it is designed by the shareware manufacturers which are used to prevent the licensing information from abusing from any users. The surprising numbers of embedded keys attract spyware to infiltrate into your Windows Registry and capturing any of your confidential or sensitive data and transmit them to a third party without your priority consent.
If you want to find out more tips to speed up Windows XP, you can click: Best Registry Cleaner Review
Are you tired of your slow computer? Do you want to speed up Windows XP within few mouse- clicks? I highly recommend you to install the Best Registry Cleaner with a free scan!

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