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How to Make Money on Yahoo

As we all know that Yahoo is one of the leading websites; and to be able to make money through it is like a dream come true. Most of us believe that you have to be on an official employee of yahoo to be able to earn from it but this is not true. Yahoo is well aware of the fact that people are turning towards the internet to earn.
If you are person who loves to share your knowledge with others or just love answering questions; then Yahoo answers may just be the thing you might be looking for. You can indeed make money by answering questions on Yahoo. This is an easy job and you can start anytime you want. This can be done at your leisure or taken up as a hobby as well. It really becomes exciting when you start getting paid for what you love doing.
In order to start making money on Yahoo, you will first have to open a yahoo account. If you already have an account then you can continue using the same. The next step is to register with the Clickbank.com and start an affiliate account with them. You may do some research to get familiar with the Clickbank or download some eBooks which will help you in making money with Yahoo.
The eBooks will give you information and answers on variety of subjects which in turn would help you in answering questions. A 'hop link' may also be created to enable easy navigation to the required sites. The main aim should be to create a knowledge bank for yourself so that your answers are specific and outstanding.
Another vital point to be noted while making money with Yahoo answers is that you should take only those questions which have less than five answers. The lesser the better! Take the help of the Clickbank or the eBooks to answer the questions. It is always advisable to use hop links. Place the hop links in the reference box while answering the questions because many similar questions with answers may be available from before. So, if people click on those questions you too would be getting clicks on the affiliate code given to you by the Clickbank.
Making money with Yahoo is not only difficult provided you have an internet access, links to your affiliate sites; and couple of hours to spare daily.
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