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Why PTC Sites?

What are PTCs?
These are a type of HYIPs "high yield investment programs" designed to lure people into making easy money through the internet, and they are all basically a SCAM.
They pay or give credit to people who would simply "click" the ads posted in their site.
The call to make money online, whether through scamming other people, gambling, or plain hard work will be the driving force of anyone.
But why PTC?
Simply because it is the easiest!!!
But the downfall is it is the one that posts the greatest risk.
People continue to take those risks. Why?
because they believe they will succeed
because they believe they know how to succeed
because they believe they are better than those other clickers
because it is fun as well (for those who have nothing better to do)
How do PTCs work anyway?
PTCs gain members by offering them compensation for every click they make, either through points, cash, free ads etc.
The would-be advertisers then buy those clicks in the form of advertisement. The advertisers are very much aware of the fact that the site pays its members to click their ads.
Since both parties, the clickers and the advertisers are well aware of their roles, where is the scam part? There are a few advertisers who would end up paying these clickers. In short, the number of clickers clearly outnumber the advertisers. In order to give its members their compensation, PTCs need to come up with a source of funding other than from the real advertisers.
1. Gold, premium, or upgraded membership - the members will pay the PTCs a certain amount so that each of their click will be earning higher than usual and gain other, if any, benefits.
2. Selling un-referred of self-referred members to other members - PTCs pay for referral clicks.
I listed just two for they are the most obvious
PTCs continue to advertise on how much more they will pay its members by upgrading and by buying more referrals. In this way, PTCs gain funds from its members, and from these funds, they pay the other members. The cycle will continue wherein members will be investing through upgrading and buying referrals. For a time everything will be okay, until the PTCs dry out all the possible members or until the rate of payment to members exceeds the rate of investment. And when that time comes, the owner runs away with the remaining money...
Tips on how not to be SCAMMED
Yes, I think that is the best solution.
But if you do think you are better than the rest of us, then by all means please do so.
Still, somehow I feel responsible for you so i will still give you the following:
1. Read the forums first. A lot of the posts are made by the creators themselves so please take time to read them. If they do not have any, then how will you know if they really pay?
2. Find out who runs the site. Known scammer site owner simply just create a new one once the last one has closed down.
3. Find out how long the site has been running. Remember that they do not have any products to sell other than clicking their self advertisements. If it is too "old", it will soon close down. If it is too "young" it might not grow old at all.
4. Read the TOS (Terms of Service), especially on the getting paid part.
5. It is better to find real referral than buying bots. It is free.
Getting referrals is your form of investment. Either you buy or refer others. You could also advertise the site to get your referrals.
How do someone earn through PTC sites?
There are simply no guarantees when it comes to this type of sites, but one can follow the following steps:
here are several methods how to earn in PTC sites, and it does not include solo clicking because if you do, you would end up clicking and clicking and clicking but not get paid at all.
If you do not have cash to spare or too afraid to invest, try the following:
1. Be a downline. It does not sound too good but this could be your first step. Find a good upline that would pay you back for your clicks. You will be able to earn faster if you could negotiate to be a referral on most (if not all) PTCs your upline has. You can then negotiate to your upline to combine your earnings and be paid. This is a lot faster than waiting a month or more to get to the minimum payout for a single PTC.
2. Advertise the site. Post your referral link to forums. It's free.
3. Refer real people or friends. This option, however, might make you the escape goat if you and your friends got scammed.
If you have cash to spare, you can do any or all of the following:
4. Rent/Buy referrals. This is of course a gamble. You might end up wasting money on inactive referrals or end up buying referrals again and again only to lose all you investments. Be strict on your budget.
5. Buy advertisement on other PTCs either by banners, links, or paid to sign ups. This is little cheaper than buying referrals but with less yield.
6. Referral cash back program. Offer money to people who would want to be your referral, and pay them.

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