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How to Make 100 Dollars a Week With Your Blog

Expert Author Igbalaye Olayemi
Blogging is one of the ways to start making money online as well as it has a great potential. Not that you can quickly make money from blog, but you can also create a whole business around it.
To start, you will have to set up a blog. The best way to start is to set up with free blog host such as Word press or Blogger. But before you create a blog, you have to decide what you are writing about. This is a very important step. The key to a successful blog is a proper market research and knowing what your readers are interested in. So this are the steps to following for successful create blog.
You should do some research on what personally interested you. Blogging about something you're interested about is a big plus because not only you are knowledgeable on the subject but you will not have any problem with the posting ideas. Search Google for topics that interested you and pick out the one that has most results.
Once you have a good topic, familiarize yourself with the main keywords that people in your niche search for. It's important to know the keywords because by including them in your blog you will make it easier for the readers to find you. To do the keyword research, you can use Google's keywords and the traffic members. A special attention should go to the very top keyword, the one that gets the most traffic. This keyword will be close or exact with your main topic.
It's straight forward, especially if you are using a free blog host. The main requirement for this step is to include your topic in the blog title. For example, if your blog is about "Outdoor Camping Equipment", doesn't call it Henry's Blog; call it "Henrys Outdoor Camping Equipment" or something like that. Also, when choosing a design theme, try to keep it simple and attractive. Simple and clean theme can go along way. Avoid flashy design to keep your blog uncommon.
Write anything about your topic that look unique and not what people have written about. Use keyword tool to find ideas for keywords. And make sure that your post title matches the keyword as much as possible. Don't use any fancy fonts and limit the use of images unless it's absolutely necessary. try to keep it simple and clean, to make it easy for the readers. Provide tips and tricks, talk about the latest happenings in your niche. Try to always ask for feedback, engaging your readers to comment makes them feel welcome and encourages them to come back. Always answer to the comments so that your readers know how care you are about what they have comment.
This is the most important aspect of it all. To get readers to read your post you need visitors. These are brief about how you can get a good traffic into your blog
* Submit your blog to blog directories.
* Submit your blog's RSS feed to RSS directories.
* Use social networking plug-in such as facebook, twitter, etc.
* Write article with your blog links.
* Post comment on other blogs, forums, etc.
Build and establish your blog first without any ads. Once you start getting steady traffic, then you can add the ads and start monetizing it. Google AdSense is the easiest way to monetize your blog. Simply add a few AdSense blocks to the sidebar even in your post to make money. Sell and space on your blog (make a post about it and add a link to the sidebar). You can also add your blog to a market place. Write product reviews about some product which helps to make commission from affiliate links which people clicks that make you money.
The aim of this article from Igbalaye Olayemi is to educate you on how to make money from blog.blog business nowadays is what many peoples do to make money online and you can also start doing it.there are many other ways in which you can make money online for more info checkhttp://iosconcept.blogspot.com

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