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Get Missing Album Pictures - Embed Album Art MP3

Album art makes browsing your music library straightforward and fun. When you embed album art mp3 information, your music can be found a lot sooner than if you have to search by a list of names.
If all you see on your mp3 player is Track 1, Track 2, or just the name of the tune, then you know you need to embed pictures.
Image linking is essential if you wish to avoid search through a long list of titles. Without the image displayed, you may as well be flipping through a stack of records like back in the day. Kinda defeats the purpose of having an mp3 player right?
If you want, you can manually insert photos on your mp3 files. It takes a while, but it can be done. I don't know about you but I simply haven't got the time to flip through thousands of music titles looking for the right song. That could take forever!
So I figured someone had to have found a method to do this automatically. That way you can embed picture information without having to manually pair the image with the song.
Well not only did I come across something that does this, I discovered a tool that even goes out and finds the appropriate photographs for you. Sweet deal right?
You no longer have to search through tons of files looking for your favorite songs. Nor do you have to make a project out of attaching pictures to your music. You can simply embed image files on all of your music with a single click of a button.
Here's how....
Get Missing Album Art
Embed album art mp3 information displayed the way they were meant to be.
FREE Download!!

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