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Earn Money Typing at Home - Not With Fake PTC Sites

Have you burnt your fingers trying to earn money from clicking ads on PTC sites that promised to have you rolling in money in weeks? If you are one of those enterprising people who decided to utilize their spare time earning some spare cash and prop up your shaky finances by joining Paid To Click sites and have seen little or no money for your time and efforts, you might be feeling frustrated and dejected. The financial model on which true PTC sites are based is very closely linked to Affiliate Marketing - you need very good networking skills and have a great many contacts and referrals to earn decent money from such sites.
These skills are outside the ken of the average stay-at-home parent or student or retired professional. You may now want to choose something less risky and more tangible to base your income. There is a way you can do this - you could try to earn money typing at home.The jobs that involve typing at home are typically offered by online companies that want ads posted on websites - what they actually expect you to do is copywriting, or draft the ad by yourself. That may sound intimidating, especially if you have never done this sort of thing before, but the task can be actually easy.
The only requirement for this job is to be able to form sentences coherently and make sure that the ad you type is based on the keywords provided and easy to understand. There is no prior or specialized training required, all you need is a computer with an Internet connection. Moreover, there is no risk here, if you post an ad, you are paid for it - the payment does not depend on ad clicks. If you are still hesitant about availing the opportunity to earn money typing at home, there is more to come.
The major objection that a person, especially an ambitious one may have to a job that helps you earn money typing at home is that the income generated may be meager. It is true that you can't expect typing at home jobs to generate the kind of income that a full-time job can. However, if a typist is able to generate referrals for the company's services or if the typist is able to generate a considerable number of traffic to the site through ad clicks, the potential for earning money increases tremendously.
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