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Article Writing - Does Typing Speed Matter?

Expert Author Ann Olson
If we, the writers, want to make more money, we have two options: charge more or write more.
Now, not all of us can charge more, or think our clients would pay more for our writing services. That leaves us with the second option: writing articles at a faster rate, without compromising our writing quality.
And there lies the crux of this debate. How do we write faster articles?
One writer claimed typing speed was the fastest way to churn out faster articles. He boasted a word per minute (WPM) rate of just over 75, which is laudable--if you're doing data entry. Many writers, including myself, couldn't disagree more.
Here's a sobering fact: people who type faster aren't always excellent writers. Some excellent writers are fast at typing, but it's more of an exception than an expectation.
* The bulk of your writing consists of research. Even if you know the subject by heart, all writers need to do some sort of research, whether it's finding reputable statistics, verifying information or adding new information to make the article more unique to search engines. Typing speed doesn't matter here.
* Another chunk of your writing involves organizing this research. It takes me 15 to 20 minutes (yes, I timed it) to research and then organize this research, regardless of the subject. This isn't a quick task, nor should it be.
* Writing an article just isn't about typing it--it's about explaining a subject coherently and effectively, while making sure the article is simple enough to be understood by anybody. That's the heart of SEO writing. Typing an article only takes up a small portion of a writer's time.
This is why typing speed won't help you create faster articles. My writing mentor, who can churn out two or three articles per hour at the minimum, has a WPM of 45, but she can fully research any article within ten minutes. She is a fast researcher. Me? I am too, although I can only produce two high-quality articles per hour. But I'm getting there.
Bottom line: Writing faster articles isn't about typing speed, it's about the speed of your research. Focus on that instead for superior results.
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