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How To Make Money Online With Yahoo Answers

First of all I would like to explain why Yahoo Answers is very powerful method of making money and then I will give you some instructions how to use it and at the end what you should not do while using Yahoo Answers.
The Power of Yahoo Answers.
Most of you should be familiar with this service offered by Yahoo, and if you are not, just visit the Yahoo website and click at Yahoo Answers button. Then you are taken to another page, where people ask all kind of questions and other people answer them. In order to ask a question or answer a question, you must first log in. If you don't have Yahoo account, then create one, it's free.
Now, in order to understand the power of Yahoo Answers, I will give you an example. Let's say you are selling or promoting a Diet Program. You go to the Yahoo Answers web site and from the category section you choose Health category and then Diet & Fitness subcategory, then you will have all questions related to your product on your screen. Most of the questions will be like '' Which is the best diet....? '', '' What diet...?'', '' How to lose weight...?''. Do you know what these people asking the questions are? - They are your potential customers. And not just potential customer, but someone that is really interested to buy the product. If there is someone asking for the best diet and not a general question about diet, this means that he is ready to buy, but he wants the best. Here if you have a good and attractive web site and good offer to send this person, you have 100% sale. This is the power of Yahoo Answers; you can find people ready to buy your product and not just looking for information.
Next, I will give you some tips how to use this service. First of all as I said before, you have to create Yahoo account. Then just go and take a look at the questions and then answer to some questions that you are sure of the answer. These questions could be in any category, there is no need to be related to your product. However you must be sure the answer you give is going to resolve the question. Look for questions that do not have many answers. In this way the possibility your answer to be chosen as the best answer is much higher. When your answer is chosen as best answer, you get points and then people respect your answers more. After answering to 20 - 30 questions not related to your product, you go and find the perfect question for your product. Answer it and inform the person asking the question that you can help him even further. Then send him to your web site or article about the product you are promoting. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to post any links leading directly to sales page, so the link you post should go to your web site or article and from there you can take him to the sales page.
Things you should never do.
There are some people that create 4 or 5 Yahoo accounts with different names and what they actually do is, they post a very specific question related to specific product and then they sign in to the other Yahoo account they have, and answer the question about their product. Next they sign in to the other accounts and vote for the answer to be the best answer. In this way they make people believe that the product there is really the best. And they do this because many times Yahoo Answers questions can be found in the first page of the search engines for specific keywords. This will make them some money but very soon Yahoo will discover them and delete their accounts. So never do this, eventually you will be discovered and your account and your name banned from Yahoo.
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