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May 2013

Get Start Button on Windows 8

It is about of half on the month pass that Microsoft launched its new version of Windows, "Windows 8". The lack of start button on windows 8 is not much like by many of its users. Users are demanding Microsoft to back with start button in next version of windows, i.e.Windows Blue.

Windows Blue is the upcoming project of Microsoft. Company have not reveled much info about this version but some of the beat testing leaked stuff clarify that Windows blue is on the way.
Hope Microsoft will gonna brings start button in the next version for the users requests.

But for now you can enjoy the start button on the available version of the Windows 8. By the help of third party apps users can enjoy the start button features. Apps name as Start8and Pokki are the third party apps that lets you have a start button on your Windows 8 PC. This apps is not free, its cost is just $5 and till now millions of download have been done.

Windows Blue is focused to be launched for beta test in the next month and its stable version will be available till August or September. 

Know What Overclocking / Overclocking

Overclock might be a foreign language to a beginner in the field of hardware. But for those who have advanced the field of hardware, the word is a word used raw and in their daily lives. Overclock composed of two words is over and the clock, which means setup mainboard and a processor clock for VGA. Overclock can be interpreted to make the computer more quickly.

Not known since when overclocked started. Estimated overclock already started in 1985. The first computer that sold the type of PC XT with Intel processor type (8088) and made quicker work of the NEC V20 processor. Overclock starting to bloom when the Pentium processor and 486 DX Classic first. But when its overclocked processor can only be done with a jumper on the mainboard. For example, Pentium 166Mhz using jumper for reached 200MHz speed, there is little difference between 166 MHz and 200MHz, But good enough to pace that year.

The main objective is the spurring overclock a processor VGA and CPU for faster work. Currently easier to overclock with existing technology, because of the availability of the enhancements, and supported by the mainboard companies to enter the BIOS overclock system. Allow everyone makes computer with overclock.

There are also special purposes a trend after 2000, for gaming applications. Use overclocking / overclocking can cause a dramatic increase in your computer, depending on what you do overclocking. To perform overclocking you simply change the default BIOS settings, and for advanced overclocking you need to have a deeper knowledge. The more you do extremes overclocking the higher the risk, because overclocking maximize your hardware, it causes excessive heat, make sure the air system and the computer is a very good place to place your computer in a room that has air conditioning. If it is not the motherboard, processor, computer, VGA card may be burned, even though the computer has had the system automatically turns off in case of overheating. You need to remember the hardware warranty does not cover damages caused by overclocking!!! By doing overclock, a computer will be faster and more convenient to enjoy. With overclock all devices will increase. The last function is the most commonly used objective.

Best Tablet Samsung or iPad or Sony or Motorola

Competition in the market for tablets has exploded in recent years. If a few months ago many people wondered what a tablet today, the question now is about what the best tablet .

Models abound, much less brands, both famous and unknown. However, it is always good to remember that the first thing you need to do before choosing your, you understand what you are going to use for the tablet. He will only go to social networks? To watch movies? Or more to play?

To make your life easier, split most famous for a duel: Sony Tablet S x Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 x New iPad (or "iPad 3") x Motorola Xoom 2 .

See internet connections, cameras and operating systems of the four models and discover what best tablet for your needs.

Image & StyleAdobe Flash 3G4G WiFi  GPS 
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
review samsung galaxy tab 10.1
OS : Android 3.1
Weight : 565 g
Screen : 10.1"
Memory Internal : 16 gb
Back Camera : 3 mpx
Front Camera : 2 mpx
Apple iPad 3
review ipad 3
OS : iOS 5
Weight : 662 g
Screen : 9.7"
Memory Internal : 16 / 32 / 64 gb
Back Camera : 5 mpx
Front Camera : 0,3 mpx
Sony S
Review Tablet sony s
OS : Android 4.0
Weight : 1200 g
Screen : 9.4"
Memory Internal : 32 gb
Back Camera : 5 mpx
Front Camera : 0.3 mpx
Motorola Xoom 2
review motorola xoom 2
OS : Android 3.2
Weight : 730 g
Screen : 10.1"
Memory Internal :  32 gb
Back Camera : 5 mpx
Front Camera : 1.3 mpx

I hope you can choose the best according to you, tell your opinion by commenting on this post. Thanks for Comming

Pakistan- Needs for Internet Speed

We all know that internet users are rapidly increasing in Pakistan, as same people are getting more and more smart phones on there hands. Increase in the users of smartphones, laptop and tablets shows the increase in the rate of internet users.
But there is something where Pakistan is still behinds. The topic is "Internet Speed". Internet speed in Pakistan is still very low. Pakistan are still now struggling for the internet speed.

In Internet speed Canada is in first position. Pakistan stands at 20th place over the world. Current the average internet speed of Pakistan is 0.099 MBPS and it is predicted that till 2017 it will raise to 2.462 MBPS.
As per the survey organised by the Cisco system, Canada stands for the 1st position, by which a users can download a movie of size 700mb within 3 minutes.

Purpose of using Internet

Internet is used for various purpose all over the world. Many of then use just for business purpose or some of them use for there personal purpose. Hope you all know the needs of the internet.
As per the report many of the countries which include Pakistan also where mostly internet use for watching porn. As same with America, where most users use internet to watch live TV.

We cannot underestimate the increase in the rate of internet users, if it is used for wrong purpose or for good. Internet is boon and aboon for mankind in itself.
Most of the countries have made internet as its backbone. Now a days each and every, large or small organisation are connected with internet.

Facts Files

Canada- Canada stand at the top positon for the highest internet speed providing country. Its 
average internet speed is 4.529 MBPS and it is predicted that till 2017 it will increase to 14.585 Mbps.

America- Worlds most powerful country and the most developed country is America. America have the average internet speed of 2.469 Mbps and it is predicted to have 14.383 Mbps till 2017.

Australia- Australia hold the third position for internet speed. Here its average speed is 2.384 Mbps 
and will reach to 8.033 Mbps till 2017.

Japan- Here internet speed is good. Its average speed is 2.074 MBPS and it is predicted to reach 10.67 MBPS till 2017.

South Korea- South Korea hold the 5th postion and have the pretty good internet 
speed. Here internet speed is 1.962 MBPS. As per the report in South Korea users can get the internet connection of 100 Mbps per second for $31.90. It is predicted that till 2017 South korea will reach to 17.334 MBPS.

Hope you all till now get that by how much Pakistan is behind in Internet Speed. This all is generated by the facts and reports.
If you like this post then take second to comment, and don't forget to share. 

Avast New Update release VPN service

Last month Antivirus making firm "Avast" have launched its new version of the Antivirus version 8.
It have some awesome features and many of the bugs fixed also.
Now Avast have released the major update for  the latest version of the product. Avast have introduced VPN service with is version 8.
This features in Avast will provide the user a secure and Anonymous connection, as all the communication of data will be encrypted. This will be more handy to the users when they are using the public internet connection (WiFi) .
This service is not free, but user can take a test of this service which will be of 24 hrs only. The price for this service is $7.99/6EUR for one month, and you can also get the package for one year ($59.99/45.73 EUR).

Pakistan Creating a breed of cyber warriors

Computer Security is getting one of the most important topic for today's generation. As now without Internet there is nothing possible. As Internet acts as boon and aboon for both aspects. It give place where we get all type knowledge at the one place, and same as it acts as scam also. This can be aboon for every age group people including children, teenagers, adults. 
Cyber bullying is also a one tropic by which people are getting exploited. There are many people having the think of bad activities. They are always targeting the sites of  banks accounts, Social networks etc..

They use numerous method to exploit the users. So we (users) have to be aware of this. Now anyone can learn the spamming stuff as there are many sites that have content like this, for this you have to just Google it up. 
Hence awareness on these thing is one of the most important task for the people by the governments. There are many Institute and the organisation which are doing this kind of work, awaking people about the Cyber bullying. Numerous of the institute are providingEthical Hacking courses also, so that people can secure themselves from such cyber bullying (hacking stuff) things.

One of the Europe organisation "EC Council" an organization that provides certification for information security professionals,provides the professional certification for Computer and Information security experts.

In Pakistan the Institute of Advance Network Technology (IANT),  have step forward for awaking the citizens of Pakistan and also taking initiative to help in preventing cyber attack over Pakistan.
IANT chairman, says that, "Academic institutes cannot afford to lay back and wait for the government to do something. Instead, they need to be proactive and take measures to help the nation to produce cyber warriors". 

And hence there is a good news for the people of Pakistan that The EC Council and theInstitute of Advance Network Technology (IANT) have teamed up in an effort to train 10,000 students and professionals that would become Pakistan’s cyber warriors. 

Students from IANT’s over 100 institutes will take part in ethical hacking and secure coding programs offered by the EC Council. Students will be going through an intensive course in Certified ethical hacker (CEH) and EC-Council certified secure programmer (ECSP).

According to the recent data, Pakistan needs 4.7 lakh cyber security professionals by 2015 for protection of IT infrastructure in the country. IANT teamed with EC Council helps the students to grow up the knowledge regarding IT fields and giving the chance to come up. 

Whonix, Anonymous Operating System

Anonymous released Operating System name as "Whonix". This is one of the best operating system released by the anonymous. Whonix is the OS for complete anonymity and security. Whonix is based on Virtual Box, Debian GNU/Linux and Tor. Developer say that, it is impossible for leak of ip or DNS. Even with the malware with the root rights to the system can get real ip or DNS of the users. This is the most and main features  of Unix.Thismakes the users totally anonymity. The purpose of Whonix is to allow Internet users the ability to stay anonymous online.

This is only possible because Whonix consist of two machine (Virtual).
One machine totally runs with TOR and acts as gateways, which is called Whonix-Gateway.
Another machine which is completely isolated Network, known as Whonix-Workstation that only allows Internet connections to be routed through the Whonix-Gateway. All the connection is made through TOR.
Whonix is designed and produced by the TOR group anonymity software.

This is Just a breif deatils on Whonix. If you need more details about is then vist its Documentation or Technical design page. There you can more abouts its design, security level, and its features. If you have any question related to the Security of Whonix see its Security pages.

Download Whonix from Here
After Download default username and password are
Username: user
Password: changeme

Username: root
Password: changeme

Best 6 Site to share files Online

Drop box is one of the best option for online files sharing. But on Drop box users can only upload 
data up-to 2GB. Best thing with drop box is that users can access drop box from iPhone, iPad, android, blackberry or  with Symbian devices. Usually users get only 2GB of free space but by inviting friends to the drop box users can increase its space by 500 Mb for per invitation.
Site:- www.dropbox.com

Sky Drive:- Skydive provides free space of 25 GB to free users. This is 
much better then Drop box. User can directly drag and drop files from hard disk to the sky drive. Users can access skydive accounts from outlook.comhotmail.com, orlive.com. There is a option for multiple file sharing. Users can also install the desktop application of sky drive.
Site= www.skydrive.live.com

Google Drive:- Google drive is one of the best option for file sharing. Google drive is recently 
integrated with Gmail, and hence by this users can send big size of files from Gmail. Google drive is pre-installed with Gmail. On Google drive there is the option for multiple email sharing. Initially users gets 5 GB of free space with Google drive accounts.
Site= www.drive.google.com

Mega.co.nz= Mega is not the new site for file sharing. Earlier its name new site Mega, with a great features. Mega provide the service in 2048 bit RSA encryption, which is much effective and secure. Mega give 50Gb of free space for the free subscription. Mega provides the Cloud storage service. Additionally Mega also offers a bug bounty Programs to all the security researcher.
was Megaupload.com, but due to some of the government terms this site brings down. After the Down of the megaupload, its owner has back the
Site= www.mega.co.nz

Box.com= Users get 5Gb of free space with Box.com fre accounts.
There are desktop and mobile app is also available with its web app. Main features of Box.com is that users can edit the word or excel documents online.
Site= www.box.com

Adrive= Adrive provides free space of upto 50 GB to basic plans member for personal use. On android device users can download
files as well upload files at the same time.
Site= www.adrive.com

These are the 6 sites to share your files online. There are many sites that provides with this kind of services.
Later on Will Discuss more about this. There are some site from which you can generate money for sharing the files. I will write about these on next post.

YouTube to charge for watching videos

If you like to watch videos on YouTube then here is the bad news to you guys. As per the source and the article posted on Daily mail, it is clear that YouTube going to charge for watching some of the videos. There are approximately 50 channels for which YouTube is going to charged for the watching the videos of those channels.

Site owner Google, is going to launch the paid subscription after this week for some of the special channel. Cost of the subscription will be some how to the sum of $1.99 for a month. This price is not fixed.

Youtube have introduce channels in 2011. After that Youtube launches 60 partner channels which includes BBC Worldwide On Earth, ITN, the Jamie Oliver Food Channel and Mixmag TV.
It is also mentioned that no ads will shown on the video for the paid users. Till yet it is not clarified that which channels are in the list of the 50 paid subscription channels. 


copy the code given below and paste.....
Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys "{CAPSLOCK}"
wshshell.sendkeys "{NUMLOCK}"
wshshell.sendkeys "{SCROLLLOCK}"

RUN the FILE NOW .......


copy the code given below and paste.....
CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"i love you"

RUN the FILE NOW .......


1. Open Vlc Media Player...

2. Then Press Cltr + N

3. Now Type "Screen://" 
(without quotes)

4. Click on Play and watch this simple little trick.

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