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Internet service providers usually offer multiple plans to their customers, and the primary factor that differentiates one plan from another is speed

Expert Author Nancy Prince Johnson
YouTube is one of the most renowned video sharing website of the world which is the most visited website on the internet as well. There are millions of video lovers who watch, download and upload videos in it. But there is very serious issue of this website and that it takes long time to load up and keep on 'buffering' the videos even if the internet speed is good enough. It is very annoying for the user's who spent most of their time not to watch the video rather watching that the YouTube video is loading up or buffering. So, effective steps need to be taken to boost and speed up YouTube video buffering and loading.
Why YouTube videos load slow?
There are very obvious and common reasons and problems due to which YouTube videos load or buffers slow. Among the issue the popularity of the video and how well YouTube handles that popularity is the main reason behind the video to load slow. Apart from this, length of the video, internet connection speed and PC's performance also plays a vital role to determine the speed of the video to be loaded. But sometimes users must have experienced that in spite of having the good and fast broadband connection video loading from the YouTube is very slow because of large files. So, if they want to buffer and load the YouTube videos faster then they need to try something else.
How to speed up or boost YouTube video loading?
The below mentioned steps will help the user to download or load the videos from the YouTube faster -
Stop all running programs from PC - Performing this task is very important because if some other program is running and it is utilizing the internet connection then terminating the program will ensure that the computer is only focusing on loading the videos from YouTube and will surely speed the loading process.
Change the browser in use - At times internet browsers are also responsible to load the YouTube videos slow, so it is suggested that user should use the web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox to make sure that it should run fast. Avoid browsers like IE (Internet Explorer) Safari etc.
Check Internet Connection - This is an important task to perform before loading YouTube videos because if the internet connection is working slow and then obviously the videos from the YouTube will not load slowly and will annoy the user. So, check it and if it is slow then contact your internet provider to make the internet speed fast.
Remove any virus and malware - As viruses are the biggest threat to the Windows systems and they also make the PC to work extremely slow, so eliminating these viruses will also help the user to enhance the performance of the system and thus boosts the video loading speed.
Clean Windows Registry - Last but not the least clean the Windows registry which is the ultimate database of Windows systems that stores, manages and keeps the track of all the files and folders installed in the system. So, cleaning the registry will enhance the systems performance and help user to load or buffer the YouTube videos fast.
Nancy Johnson is an expert computer technician. From the time her own computer has been crashed by malicious software she is studying about antispyware, antivirus and malware systems. Here she is sharing complete information on how to speed up YouTube video loading. You can also visit her comprehensive research work on antivirus and antispyware programs on http://www.howtofixerror.com

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