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PTC Beginners Tips

Expert Author Hossam Elgharraz
1. Use Different Usernames and passwords
Well basically In PTC, if you have an insecure password or use password on two sites, there's a chance your account will get hacked, and your balance cashed out to there account. Want to stop this? You'll need a secure user name/password which is what this guide is for. User name: You may think: what's the harm in using the same username on every site? Well the risk is extremely but till existent, of an admin of another PTC site where you use the same username will come and hack your account. Or someone Might just hack your password using tools or luck. How to make unique on each site? Well there are quite a few networks of PTC's with the same owners so you can use the same user name there, (for example the latin PTC network the paid clicks network the titan cash network etc) so you can save time and effort there. If you use only decent PTC's then you should only need 4 or 5 user names Password:Base rules: don't ever use the same password twice (except maybe on networks - your choice) and never use the same password for a PTC as you do for your PayPal/alertpay account. Try to use uppercase lower case and numbers in your password. A few good password examples:Fgn145JklP87RG12grwant even more secure? Use at least 10 characters JK12joo98KJFfF900aFfFTTFaF21135off course don't use these as there examples. Trusting thousands of dollars in an account? Use a password like thisPjRT1T5HHHas5.9561thats all, hope you don't get hacked....
2. First look what PTC is about ..
Most PTC Sites will let you view ads before you register look at the ads and the minimum payout and enter those into the calculator below. If the PTC Site has a Forum, view the Payment Proof/Success Stories section(s) for payment proofs .Some PTC Sites have a Total Paid statistic. If the number is over $100 and there are payment proofs, it is probably a trusted site If you are constantly receiving referrals, it is time to upgrade if the premium membership gives you more for referral link If you are on a forum that allows referral links/images, put a referral link in your signature Sometimes, the PTC site may display an advertisement that has many images. (Such as Payment Proofs) To make it take a lot less time, click on a link within the page that goes to something else that doesn't have images. (Such as My stats)
3. Investment in PTC's -
1) Always check for other people having success from investing at that PTC If there's any bad ones you might not want to invest at all!
2) Make sure the site pays in under half a month, anything more is extra time to get your ROI (return on investment).
3) The deal must have a high probability of earning itself back within 45-60 days MAX (including cash out time) Anything higher is unlikely to be worth your time4) Never Use New sites, There's no telling how fast they might disappear (sites under 2 months are not wise investments)
4) You should of been paid at least once personally by the site. While this is not always necessary it is very useful.
5) Only assume half your referrals will be active unless the site states otherwise, this will help you plan better new tips since edit button came back
6): Keep away from bux.to unless you hate money that much... And if you do hate it send all your money to me...
7) sites with $0.01 or higher will often die quickly
4. Upgrades-
Look for outrageous other the top claims (1,000% referral earnings for example) which will make the site a scam. The tips stated above should be about 99% full proof when investing on any PTC site and should help you make a good ROI (return on investment)
5. Click More than one site at once-
A lot of you may already do this as a quicker way to get through all of the ptc sites. I currently use Firefox. But I just have like 3 browsers open and I am on like 1 or 2 PTC sites on each browser. This will definitely keep you busy plus you will earn more than doing one or maybe even 2 at a time. With internet explorer, when you click on a link it opens up in a new window, with opera or Firefox whenever you click on a link it just opens in a new tab. Hope this helps..
Other useful tips -
First you will have to register in as many websites as you can. Try to click in as many ads as you can until you have enough cash for referrals. After you have enough cash already, don't get it out of the website! Leave it there for now. Create a blog and post there all your ref links, don't forget to say something about each site. Now that you have your blog done, convert all your cash into Ad links, this way you will have more chances to get lots of referrals in your down line. Don't worry, the refs will take sometime to come along, but when they start piling up, that's when you start cashing a lot. Don't forget to keep clicking the ads as well; this will be necessary for the next step. After the first month with referrals in your down line, the cash that you made ONLY by you clicking ads, convert it again in more Ad links
As you can see, no problems, no stress and no spamming on the web, a simple guide that uses the best resources for your max profits. This way you will never loose promising referrals and you never loose any money, since your referrals are winning it for you.
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