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Learn How to Design Your Own Website

Expert Author Thomas Freers
In order to design your own website you will need to do a few basic things first. You will have to:
  • Choose a web host for your website
  • Sign up for an account with the web host
  • Choose a domain name for your site and pay for that domain name to be yours
  • Get a software application that will allow you to design your own website using their page templates
  • Test your web pages to make certain they are showing up on all of the big search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask
The web host is the place on the internet where all the details of your web pages will be housed and accessed. A web host has giant computers with a lot of storage space available. They rent differing amounts of this storage space to other people. The amount of storage you get for your pages will depend on the host you choose and the amount of money that you are prepared to spend on this web host.
When thinking of how to design your own website you cannot skip the part where you buy yourself a domain name, the domain name is what people use to find your web pages on the internet. Domain names like justforkicks.com or thepizzapro.com or commonly used because they not only define the web pages they let people know a little something about the pages and their content.
You can find some sites that will allow you to have pages and use their domain name with your page being an additional on their domain. These are generally low cost domains or they can even be found for free. You will be limited on the content you can have and on the other things that pertain to your actual pages so read all of the regulations carefully before agreeing to share a domain with someone else.
You can find some software applications at no cost that will allow you to use templates to create and design your own website. The best templates will of course be on software applications or editors that you need to purchase. You want your pages to be attractive to look at, easy to navigate, and pertinent to the content.
As you design your own website you need to periodically go and check the site from the big search engines to make certain that you are showing up and that all the links and back links that you provide are functioning correctly. You will want to continue to do these random tests on the operation of your web pages after you have the site developed and online.
These are of course just the very basic things associated with how to design your own website. There are many different things to consider like whether or not you will accept credit cards from your site or if you will need shopping cart software added. You will also need to address some of the issues with drop down menus and with things of this nature.
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