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Make My Internet Faster - Maximize Your Wireless Internet Speed

If the computers in your home are connected on a Wi-Fi network, then you have probably realized by now that wireless connection can be quite unpredictable and slow at times. Most Internet users are used to opening web pages that load almost instantaneously.
When opening a web page takes a few minutes longer, it can be a frustrating experience, especially in the age where everything has to be quick and fast. I myself have a wireless internet connection at home, if I were to make my Internet faster, there are some techniques I can employ to maximize the performance of my wireless connection, and hopefully, it can help you too.
When you set up your desktop computer, make sure that it is in an area where it is unobstructed by thick walls and strong electronic devices. Walls are actually one of the biggest problems when it comes to setting up a wireless network inside a house. Walls and large electronic devices can disrupt the signal from your wireless router to your computer, so make sure that it is free of all that.
Many of us tend to put our computer work station next to a wall. It would be okay if the wireless router is on the same side of the wall as your computer or laptop, but if it is on the other side of the wall, a low signal should be expected. The signals from a wireless router just cannot go through walls, especially thick ones.
If you are using a laptop, try to walk with it around your home and find the areas where you can get the strongest signal. There areas in your home where there is a strong signal are known hot spots. This area is where you should set up your desktop computer, if you have one or are planning to get one.
If you have a two story home, it would be next to impossible to get a good signal on the second floor if your wireless router is situated on the ground floor. You may need to use some sort of signal amplifier on this one. Nevertheless, you should canvass the entire house for hot spots so you will know which areas have good reception and which ones have none.
Aside from finding the hot spots, you should also make sure that you put your wireless router in a wide open room. This is how I make my Internet faster; making sure that the wireless router is in an elevated location. This way, your wireless router can provide the best coverage and maximize its range as well. You may notice that when you go to a public location that has Wi-Fi, the wireless router is usually attached high on the wall.
Sometimes, it is even mounted on ceiling. This is to acquire maximum coverage and optimal signal range. Take this technique and apply it to your own wireless home network. You should also make sure that your wireless router is sitting next to a huge electronic device that transmits strong signals; these signals can interrupt the signals coming from your router to your workstation.
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