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Defragment Windows XP - Tips on Windows XP Disk Optimization

Inevitably, disk fragmentation comes when creating/ deleting files, installing programs or downloading files from the Internet. So the best way to optimize the hard disk is to always run a disk defragmentation. But actually, a defragment process is not as simple as running a defrag program. Simply stated, it requires us to put some time and efforts to ensure a smooth and thorough result. Here, we will discuss how to defragment Windows XP in the best way, always optimizing the XP computer.
As it is known to all computer users that it will cause more time to access a data when it is saved in different places. Moreover, when booting up the computer or running a program, it needs some time to load itself, if combines with the time to access the required data from multiple locations, it will be more difficult to get a faster computer. Besides the delays in starting up the computer, sometimes, fragmentation on the hard disk will cause problems in accessing files and loading pages, difficulties in accessing and sending emails, phenomenon of computer freezing-ups and crashes. If this happens on a server which is accessed by thousands of PC users, things will be more serious because the accessing time to a specific application will be double or more. At this time, the usage of virtual memory will become a real obstacle to system performance.
So it is necessary for us to defragment the Windows XP regularly in order to optimize the entire PC performance. What is more, in windows XP, virtual memory is the memory used as part of hard disk space, which has nothing to do with the actual physical memory. When a process runs out of the virtual memory that belongs to it, even if there is large amount of physical memory, there still comes the phenomenon that no memory can be allocated. In windows XP, what virtual memory corresponding to is virtual memory page file: PageFile.Sys. With the creating and deleting of the page file, fragmentation will occur and grows to be a serious problem.
So the best way to solve the optimize Windows XP is to make good use of the disk defragmentation and the virtual memory.To know more about how to accomplish this task, you can directly go here [http://advanceddefrag.com/blog/defragment-windows-xp-tips-on-windows-xp-disk-optimization/]. I believe you will find something helpful in optimizing your computer.

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