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What is PPSAP.exe? How to Disable PPSAP?

ppsap.exe ppstreamEach time you start PPStream (an online video streaming software), it will also open a “Web accelerator” known as the PPSAP.exe process. Even if you’ve closed PPStream, PPSAP.exe will continue to run on background (which means you wouldn’t notice its existence). PPSAP.exe is a process that automatically access the network and continuously sharing your previously streamed data with other users in the PPStream network. In this way, your internet speed can be seriously slowed down.
After launching PPStream for the first time on your computer, PPSAP.exe will automatically be set to run each time you start up your computer. However, you can disable ppsap.exe from running on startup by disabling it in the msconfig utility (refer to method 2 below). But, if you run PPStream again after using this method, ppsap.exe will be re-enabled to run on startup automatically.

How to get rid of PPSAP.exe? – Method 1

PPSAP.exe is also a crucial process for smooth streaming experience on PPSstream. You can kill (switch off) the process when you don’t need it. I do this every time I switch on my computer to ensure that my internet speed wouldn’t be affected by it. Don’t worry, it will re-appear when you play a video on PPStream. To kill the process:
Step 1: Right click on your taskbar and then select Start Task Manager. (Or open it by holding and pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL keys)
Step 2: Go to the Process tab.
Step 3: Find and select PPSAP.exe from the list of processes.
Step 4: While it’s highlighted, click on End Process button. Press End Process again when it asks for confirmation.
What is PPSAP.exe How to Disable PPSAP
That’s it! The process has been stopped. It won’t start up itself unless you play a video on PPStream or reboot your computer.

How to get rid of PPSAP.exe? – Method 2

This method is for those who no longer use PPStream or those who use it very rarely. You can disable PPSAP.exe from running on startup automatically via the MSConfig Utility. As what I’ve mentioned above, when you run PPStream next time after using this method, PPSAP.exe will be re-enabled to run on startup again. However, you can repeat this method if PPStream is rarely used.
Step 1: The easiest way to access MSCONFIG is by going to Start -> and then type msconfig into the search box -> wait for a second for the windows to search for the utility -> click on the msconfig shown under Programs.
Step 2: Now go to the Startup tab and locate the item named PPS 网路加速器 by PPStream Inc. Uncheck (untick) the item and then click on Apply -> Ok.
What is PPSAP.exe How to Disable PPSAP
That’s it! PPSAP.exe won’t appear again during computer startup until the next time you launch PPStream.

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