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How do you block websites in Windows for a specific time period using Focal Filter?

There are a lot of programs out there that can block access to Web sites. The problem with them is that you have to manually disable the block. However, with Focal Filter it can be done automatically. You just have to set the time span for which you want the block to exist. Focal Filter is a program for Windows operating systems that can block a user-generated list of Web sites for a specified period of time. The lock on these sites will persist until the time has elapsed, at which point you can extend the lock or unblock them.
Follow these 5 easy steps:
1) Download and install Focal Filter.
Focal Filter
2) Open the Windows start menu and type Focal Filter into the search box.

Now run the Focal Filter program that appears in the list.sp;
Focal Filter program
3) Click Edit My Site List option to open a new window containing the names of the sites you want to block. Add more sites if you want. Click the Save button when you have finished.
website block
4) Click on the area next to the label Block for. Then a list of available times ranging from 5 minutes to 12 hours will be displayed. Select the time that best fits your need. Now click theBlock My Site List button to block your browsers from visiting your list of Web sites. Note that you might have to restart your browser before the block will work.
Block Browser
5) This is what you will see when the timer ends:
a) You can unblock the sites by hitting the Close button.
b) You can press the Block Again button if you want to extend the block.

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