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How to Promote a Blog - Blog Promotion For the New Blogger

Expert Author Colleen I Slater
One key thing you must learn as a blogger is how to promote your blog. Without proper promotion, you just will not see any traffic. There was a time when you could put up posts and hope people would link to you based on the quality of them. But anymore, people are not finding the quality post unless you put it where they can find it. So here are some tips to get your blog found.
First of all, you still need to write the quality posts. Without these, you have nothing to build your back links on. Sure, you can build them yourself, but why not make something that people were going to link to once they find it. This way, the little back linking you to will tend to go viral.
Next, you need to start building some links. The easiest way is through social bookmarking. However, these tend to get used a lot. So your bookmark could easily get buried. If you have friends who are interested in the same subject, you can ask them to reach your blog and Digg or Stumble it if they like it. This may help get your post in front of more readers.
Another thing you can do is look for similar blogs in your niche. Find ones that are to getting traffic, and leave intelligent comments on their posts. Include a link through your name to your own blog. If you leave good comments, people are likely to follow your link to see what you are writing about. Just don't make the mistake of spamming the blog with something like "Great post!". It just won't get you any traffic, and might even get your site banned.
Once you build some relationships with other bloggers, you can ask to do guest posts. This is a sure way to get extra traffic to your own site. With these four methods, you're sure to increase your traffic and your loyal readers.
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