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Super Computer Rocks Record Books

Expert Author Lance Winslow
Good news is now here for the 'War on Hurricanes' and 'Fight Against Cancer' due to the rapid advances in Supercomputer calculation speeds. One Supercomputer named Blue Gene-L has broken the previous record for the amount of calculations it can do in a second. You are probably thinking so what right?
Well then check out the speeds; it can do 280.6 teraflops per second or 280,600,000,000 calculations per second; "Ah, hello!" That is intense, of course it beats its own best record of about half that.
This special supercomputer is a project with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and IBM. How much is this 280.6 teraflops? Well lets say 7 billion people had a calculator and punched numbers for ten years non-stop, well The Blue Gene-L did it in only one-second, so now are you impressed?
Well so are folks who are trying to find new drugs to fight cancer or mapping the proteins, RNA and DNA interactions. And best of all there is another great use, fighting Hurricanes and understand the butterfly effect. That is to say changing one or two very small weather events, which will inevitably end up slightly altering a larger affect and protecting us from harmful and horrific Hurricanes.
By taking data and working back they may even be able to map the start of the beginning of the universe. Think on this.
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