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The Best Strategies to Use to Make AdSense Cash

Why join AdSense? Why configure, optimize and change the layout of your site countless numbers of times in the hope of increasing CTRs. Why the endless hours in forums, the numerous articles and the time consuming blogs?
Ultimately, it's all about earning decent amount of AdSense cash. A decent amount of AdSense Cash means different things to different people. For some it's nothing more than a few hundred dollars per month for others it's a few thousand. But no matter what it means for various AdSense publishers, all the behind-the-scenes work is primarily focused on creating an informative site and driving traffic through it in order to earn some AdSense cash.
But what is the best strategy to use to make AdSense cash? There are various well established methods, from simple information sites and blogs to more complex social networking sites. There are even some 'black hat' methods of using AdSense. All these methods can be successful but all also have their disadvantages. For instance for information sites to work they usually need to be big (at least 50 or so pages, ideally a hundred or more) and they need to be niche. This realization can be daunting for any AdSense beginner.
Social networking sites (dating sites, friend's sites etc...) can be extremely popular, their very nature ensures that they get repeat visitors. But they are notoriously difficult to put together even with pre-packaged scripts at your disposal.
Some have even been tempted to use various 'black hat' methods to AdSense cash. But these methods, though sometimes effective, is cheating and can get you banned by Google. They can't be used to create a long term AdSense site. The need to earn some decent AdSense cash, leads many (especially those who are particularly impatient) into the 'dark arts'. Those who are particularly susceptible are often the types that are attracted to the 'get rich quick' schemes.
Unfortunately the best way to earn AdSense cash isn't necessarily the quickest or easiest way.
The best way to earn AdSense cash is find a method that balances economy, speed and simplicity. A good way would be a method that was relatively cheap, for example creating an AdSense site on Blogspot.com which is free and very easy to set up. Unfortunately, this method is quite inflexible to customization and as a result can look very cheap. It is difficult to set up a quality blog within Blogspot. The better way to set up a blog is to use a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress.
But the best way to earn AdSense cash would be to setup an information site based on a popular niche topic. Even though the disadvantages seems daunting (i.e. the need to build a large site) this could be offset by how popular and how niche the site is. You could get away with building a small condensed site (10 pages or less) if the topic is niche enough.
One of the best advantages of building a website is the level of flexibility it gives you. You can potentially build a website to your specific needs, where you could add more pages, media or even sub-domains.
Building a website can also be a little cheaper than building a quality blog because you don't necessarily need PHP or MySQL to build a decent site. The only problem a potential AdSense newbie could face is problems with the complexity involved in putting a website together from scratch... which also effects the speed it takes to set it up.
If you buy a good What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSYWYG) editor it could take you as much time to set up a decent information based website as it is to set up a good blog. But if you are using code to build a new website it will take you much longer.
But this obstacle is worth overcoming for a number of important reasons. Firstly, putting together a site using only code is very cheap. No need to invest on expensive WYSIWYG software. Secondly and more importantly, it enables you to learn essential code. If you're serious about earning AdSense cash and you are building AdSense websites, you will at some point need to learn HTML and CSS no matter what. You might be able to get away without learning the basics for a while, but the more you learn, the more potential you will have to earn some decent AdSense cash in the long run.
Basically building a site, gives you the flexibility you need to create something unique that differentiates you from your competitors. Everyone is vying for the same traffic that you're trying to draw towards your site. For that reason alone, you need to have something 'unique' that ensures that your AdSense site stands out and puts you in the best position to earn some serious AdSense cash.
A niche information site is relatively cheap and quite simple to set up (depending on your knowledge) and it can give you that essential initial authenticity required to earn the trust of your visitors which ultimately results in good AdSense earnings.
Victor Awo is a student studying Information Technology. He has been looking into the technological and social changes taking place on the internet for the last ten years. His main focus is isolating patterns and trends in the hope of predicting the future form of the global information highway.
For more information see his site at: AdSense Cash

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