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Hacking: XP 2 Tips


Win XP Tip, Hidden Back-up utility
Insert your windows XP disc into your PC.
Click exit if your installation screen comes up.
Now go too your CD drive in *My Computer*. Right-click and select open.
In the *files of type* drop down list be sure that *select all files* is on.
Click on the NTBACK-UP.msi file and click okay.
Click the finish button and now go over too the start button\ALL PROGRAMS\ACCESSORIES\SYSTEM TOOLS\ and there it is now.. BACK-UP FILES...
Great little tool that Microsoft never should have hidden.

Win XP Tip, Rename Multiple Files
A new, small, neat feature for winXP deals with renaming files. I personally have always wanted the OS to include a way to do a mass file renaming on a bunch of files. You can now rename multiple files at once in WinXP. Its real simple:
1. Select several files in Explorer, press F2 and rename one of those files to something else. All the selected files get renamed to the new file name (plus a number added to the end).
2. Thats it. Simple huh.

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