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Google AdSense Tricks

Expert Author Vicky John C
Many webmasters know about the making easy online money by the putting ads on the AdSense. High paying keywords play the important role in it. Webmasters use many techniques to find out about the different keywords and their amount of usage. However, after using such keywords, they don't get the money they expect. Why?
One needs traffic to get money. So, keywords are not the main source of traffic. Site navigation is important as well.
A visitor comes on your web page and then goes to another page by clicking on the link. This is called site navigation. Simply, we can say it's the movement of users on your pages. Menu links are present on each page. Wordings and texts of these links are important for any user or visitor. Links, which are filled with free downloads, are clicked often.
Similarly, this navigation logic can be used to high paying pages. Many sites are present, which have so much traffic from many search engines. However, they don't pay so much. You can use these pages to bring users to your high paying pages. By doing this, you can make easy online money.
Before starting, you need to have two things.
• Any tracking software, which can give you details of high and low paying pages along with comparison.
• High paying pages, into which you have to put traffic.
Now, try to make your links more appealing for the users. Make them attractive for any user. Think about it, what are the needs of users? Make your link more appealing to a user by edifying it with the good description in it.
Graphic and colored texts are also used to get the attentions of the readers. Be creative in your approach. Use and put everything on your page to make it more attractive for the users. Don't forget about the location of the link. Link should be placed at good and accessible position. It is really necessary for the traffic.
Make your link more different by using different words and putting it at different spots. This would really help you to get more traffic. This is how you can increase your traffic regarding Google AdSense.
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