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Earn With Twitter - What Should I Tweet For Success?

Expert Author Scott A Hughes
To learn to earn with twitter, you need to know twitter and how to use it. Today we discuss a formula for success when using twitter. I am sure there are several different methods of using twitter to gain authority, followers and earn an income, but the method I talk about works. I have been using it, and having a lot of my followers retweet my tweets, which is excellent for connecting with even more people.
So knowing what to tweet will better prepare you to earn with Twitter. Here are some things you should be tweeting on a daily basis:
  • Jokes
  • Quotes
  • Videos (youtube or your own)
  • Guru ReTweets
  • Follower ReTweets
  • Niche Related News (blogs are excellent sources)
  • Open Ended Questions
  • Share Your Promotions
  • What Are You Doing (no links)
  • Connecting Others
These are all great things to tweet on a daily basis. Doing this will let your followers know that you are a real person, and want to connect with others. If you tweet each of these just once a day, you are showing that you are an active twitter user, and it's not all about you.
You are sharing several links, some are going to jokes, quotes and videos while others actually lead to some blogs and news sources, keeping your followers up to date on the latest news in your industry. Doing this will get you noticed in the twittosphere. When you connect other people to other people, they take notice, and start connecting people to you. This is a great thing, it brings lots of followers your way. If you are doing this correctly, you will start to see lots of people retweeting your tweets and that leads to more clicks to your links.
So follow my method mentioned above, and watch as followers flock to you, retweet your links and click on your links, some will even become fans, and start buying from you. This is where the money comes in. If you want to start earning some really nice income from twitter there is a free twitter webinar that you can register for. Go to Free Twitter Training [http://twittercash.yourtimetoday.com] and sign up.
I have created a blog dedicated to Twitter, so for some nice twitter tips head over to Scott's Twitter Tips [http://twittertips.yourtimetoday.com]. Is is constantly growing, so bookmark it and check back often.

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