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High Speed Internet Not So Fast

Expert Author Ralph Walker
Learn how to speed up your Internet speed and your computer by at least 50%. It's easy to do. I finally figured it out. If your local area connection status is not close to mine as shown above then you need to try this.
Are you paying for High Speed Internet access and your computer is sluggish when you visit any web sites? I have Time Warner Road Runner High Speed with Turbo boost and my Internet was sluggish at best for months. I tried everything including the following.
1. Resetting my Time Warner cable modem. Did nothing.
2. Replacing my Time Warner cable modem with a newer model. Did nothing.
3. Resetting my Net Gear Wi-Fi router. Did nothing.
4. Replacing my Wi-Fi router. Did nothing.
5. Reinstalling my operating system. Did nothing.
6. Updating my network drivers. Did nothing.
7. Scanning for viruses and malware infections daily. Did nothing.
8. Tried using different browsers, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc, Did Nothing.
Please note, this works for Time Warner cable Internet connection only, however if you can locate your DNS server settings, it should work on your computer.
1. You need to first click on start, and then click on control panel. Then click on your local area connection. Write down the activity packets both the send and receive numbers. You will need this numbers to compare so put them where you can find them.
2. Now click on Properties and then double click on TCP/IP, Internet Protocol.
3. Leave the top settings alone; allow the IP address to be obtained automatically.
4. Select the use the following DNS server addresses, mine are.
Preferred DNS server (Time Warner Cable)
Alternate DNS server (Time Warner Cable)
5. Reboot your computer.
6. Check your network settings again by clicking on start, and then click on control panel. Then click on your local area connection.
7. Compare these numbers to the ones you wrote down earlier. If the numbers are lower than before just wait 30 minutes or so.
8. Congratulations you just increase the speed of your computers by leaps and bounds.
9. If your computer is still kind of sluggish it may be infected.
Ralph Walker Sr. is Virus removal specialist. Specializing in virus removal online and on site. View my blog daily to learn to keep your computer virus FREE and saving you a costly service calls. Check out my Blog at http://adjustservices.com/Protector/

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