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Earning Money With Twitter

In the last three years Twitter has been one of the fastest growing sites in the world. It is one of the top 10 most visited sites on the internet and its probably going to grow even more in the coming months and years. As you can guess an enormous website like this offers a huge income potential.
These are some ideas to earn money with Twitter:
1) Advertising and Affiliate Marketing
If you have a large number of followers this might be an excellent option for you.
By just inserting on your status a link to your website or information about a particular product you could earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month from sales, pay per click or pay per action programs. You can use a sales page offering your products and services or your own blog or information website to make money through adsense or another ppc program.
Just be careful not to spam your friends and followers.
2) Paid Reviews
You can use your Twitter account to post testimonials or reviews about products, websites or services in exchange for money.
3) Make Money from Your Twitter Profile Background
There are sites such as TwittAd.com giving Twitter users the chance to monetize their accounts and their profile backgrounds. Many advertisers will pay you for setting a background image on your profile displaying publicity of their companies.
These are just some ideas to make money with Twitter. As the site grows more and more in popularity more monetization techniques will appear.
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