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The Best 5 Games for iPhone Users

iPhones are among the best available smart-phones today. iPhone users are always looking for something new and interesting to do on their iOS device. This provided an opportunity for mobile application development companies and other individuals to apply their knowledge and imagination to create app and other entertainment features for this great device. Developing games for iPhone has now become a very popular and profitable business activity for every mobile development company and other game development houses.
Mentioned below are the top 5 games for iPhone that are available in the market:
1. Rolando: Rolando for iPhone is just like Mario was for Nintendo, i.e. it is an iconic figure and a must have for every device. This is basically an adventures game that is based on puzzles. The game has been created such that it is simple in the beginning and as the user develops skills over the game it gets more and more challenging. The mobile development company who created the first part has now also launched its sequel, Rolando 2: The Quest For The Golden Orchid and users are recommended to get both the titles and start their journey through Rolandoland.
2. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars: All those who have played the original Grand theft game on their systems would know how addictive this game is. Well now iPhone users can download and install the Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on their device and enjoy the game whenever and wherever they want. Although, the controls may be a little tough in the beginning but once you get hold of it the rewards are really addictive. Further, for just $9.99 it is three times cheaper than its versions for other devices.
3. Dragon's Lair: This beautifully animated game is a real treat for iPhone users who happen to be a fan of arcade and laser games. Although, the game has been ported many times in the past but it really suits the iPhone. In $5 you can get Dragons lair and enjoy the crisp and bold visuals in a game that requires split-second decisions and controls.
4. Peggle: Peggle has the reputation of being one of the most addictive games to be ever released for iPhone. The game is so beautifully synchronized according to the iPhone and its users that it seems that the game is meant for iPhone only. With more than 100 unique levels and support for multiplayer mode you are in for a very addictive and long time game.
5. Spider- The Secret of Bryce Manor: This is a game anyone can easily fall in love with. The game appears to a standard puzzle based game but in-fact it is a very impressive mystery game which users might very easily miss initially. The game brings along with it a lot of emotions including sadness, fear, cheerfulness, dread and could lift up the spirit of users to amazingly high level.
For all those iPhone lovers who like playing games on their device would definitely find this list very interesting and useful. As for organizations and businesses who want to launch a game of their own, it is recommended that you hire a reputed and experienced mobile development company or software development company having extensive experience in mobile apps development for iOS.
Vicky Rana is an industry expert for IT technologies and is currently providing consultations and advices to organizations and businesses spread all over the world. Formally, Amy is associated with Xicom technologies, a renowned offshore software development company and mobile development company offering highly business centric and reliable software solutions to clients spread all over the world.

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