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Vodafone Pocket Wifi - What Everybody Ought to Know About It Before Buying

A Vodafone pocket wifi device is the answer to your dreams if you've been wanting a portable wifi hot spot that you can take with you where ever you go. Having your own fast, reliable and secure hot spot is a must for anyone who takes their online security seriously. Is Vodafone's pocket wifi up to the task? Let's take a look.
Security - Using free or otherwise unknown, public networks puts your data at risk but not all portable wifi devices are secure either! Many don't include the functionality or aren't set up to be secure out of the box. The pocket wifi device from Vodafone is NOT like this!
It is set up by default to include WPA2 encryption and the password is unique for each device. It's perfect for those people who don't understand how to secure a wireless hot spot but need such protection.
For those that want to configure the device further, the gadget is capable of hiding SSID and provides all manner of encryption technologies such as WEP, WPA, WPA2-PSK or mixed. You can also change the name of the device if you wish.
Speed - The Vodafone pocket wifi is FAST! You can expect a top end connection speed of 7.2Mbps when downloading and 5.76Mbps for uploading in and around the capital cities of Australia.
At these speeds, it's an ideal replacement for your fixed connection at home. With a broad range of data plans, many people are saving money but going wireless and getting rid of their home phone and expensive ADSL Internet connections.
Compatible With Apple Products & The PC - Gadgets like the iPad, iPhone and tablet computers are gaining in popularity due to their functionality and portability. Whether you're still using a PC or are a Mac fan doesn't matter as Vodafone has covered both bases.
The pocket wifi is independent of any operating system which means provided the device you are using has wireless capability (just about everything manufactured after 2005 does!), it will function fine with the pocket wifi.
Want to learn more? Watch my video review of the Vodafone pocket wifi. It covers off on everything else you need to know about this great device. Click here! to watch it now

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