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Tips for the Business iPhone User

An iPhone is a fantastic business tool, offering many functions that will help to make you more productive when you are mobile. Labelled as a business smart phone, they are a piece of technology that will help you run your business effectively when out of the office. It will save you from carrying around a heavy briefcase of paperwork and information, as this business mobile will carry out all your business needs.
Stay Organised
An iPhone will help you to stay organised while out of the office as you can take all your information with you. With a project management application you can organise all your files, tasks and communication in the one place.
Stay connected to the Internet and your email no matter where you are. With many staff and companies keeping in touch via emails rather than by phone, having your email with you constantly means you can keep up to date. You can also switch your view of your emails from portrait to a wide format landscape, which can make it easier.
Task Management and Tools
An iPhone doesn't come with a Task application but it will allow updates. You can create to-do lists in your notes. You can create and manage charts as well as create, view and share presentations with Keypoint. You are also able to track your time, manage your expenses and keep a diary of your appointments with the calendar. You are also able to take notes.
You are able to access files remotely, meaning you can access your computer and your documents from just about anywhere. While out on the road there will be no chance of getting lost as you can send directions to your iPhone's email from Google Maps. An iPhone can also help you break down the language barrier if you are travelling overseas as it can simply translate between two languages.
Your iPhone can help you find restaurants, shops and other places of interest, and you can access free travel guides. For simply socialising or if you need to wine and dine a business client, your iPhone will point you in the right direction. It will even help you calculate the correct tip or if you are trying to split the bill between friends.
The iPhone comes with a camera, if you need to record or remember anything for work, plus you can transfer images by treating your iPhone as a digital camera device. You can create a custom email signature and get a copy and paste function uploaded onto your iPhone. A handy function is setting your iPhone to vibrate first before it rings, which is great to stop interruptions in meetings. You can optimise your Internet use by enhancing your web browsing and you can get a lot a reading done as you can download free books.
News and Information
Your iPhone will allow you access to the latest headlines from multiple sources and you can get all of Wikipedia, giving you access to millions of encyclopaedia articles. You will always have the information you need for your business on hand, even when you are travelling.
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