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Faster Internet Speed Tips and Secrets

If you want to surf the web and download/upload faster, while this isn't going to be a revelation to anyone, you need to have Broadband Internet Service (such as a Cable, DSL or "T1 or T3" connection). If you have telephone modem service, forget it Jack- you lose, you'll never get fast internet speed ever, you can't squeeze blood out of a stone!
So to pass "Go", step 1 is to get Broadband Internet Service! Of these, usually a "T" line is the fastest and most expensive and "Cable" and "DSL" both have their pluses and minuses. I have Cable Internet Service which is quite fast and the pluses are your connection is by cable rather than a phone line. The negatives are the more people using the Cable line at the same time will slow down your internet speed. With DSL which is also fast, you are using a phone line but are not affected by the amount of people on DSL at the same time. Basically it's your call for which service is best for your situation. Before I go on, factors like the amount of memory your computer has, the processor speed and the hard drive space, could affect internet speed to a degree and I'd try especially in regards to memory and processor speed, to get the maximum you can afford.
Even though you have Broadband, you still might not be happy with your internet speed because: 1. Your cache is too large, 2. You have adware/spyware/viruses on your computer, 3. Your modem needs rebooting, and 4. You don't have an internet speed accelerator. I'll now go over what to do on each of these:
In the case of your cache being too large, it could slow down your speed and I recommend you get software that clears the cache on your internet browser whether it be Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc. The software I recommend is (Webroot ) Window Washer. I would use this software daily but do not have your browser window open when you do. This will clear your cache.
Adware/Spyware and viruses definitely can slow your internet speed down. I would get a decent anti-spyware/adware program to get this stuff off your computer and run it every few days. I would have a decent anti-virus program as well and scan for viruses at least weekly. Note, if you go to Porn sites and some MP3 download sites, your computer will in all likelihood pick up spyware/adware, so ask yourself if it's worth it because chances are your internet speed will be affected. I'd recommend you use (Webroot) Spyware Doctor and/or (PC Tools) Registry Mechanic to get rid of this stuff and also NOD 32 for your anti-virus software, as it doesn't slow down your internet speed and computer like some other anti-virus programs do. I would try to avoid most Internet Security Software as they tend to slow down internet speed as well.
Every so often, your internet carrier for some reason loses a connection on your modem and when they resume for some reason your internet speed runs slower. When that happens, you need to reboot your modem. Just unplug the power cord for about a minute and then reconnect it to the socket. Your modem will reboot and the speed should be back to the way its suppose to be.
Lastly, I would get internet accelerator software. This software maximizes your computer's settings for faster downloads and internet response. I actually use two programs for this: Ascentive ActiveSpeed and Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC. I run ActiveSpeed first and SpeedUpMyPC right after. I run both programs after I've rebooted my computer or when I've added or deleted software programs.
The end result from following the above steps should be to get your internet speed including downloads, running consistently faster then before.
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