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How to restore the windows vista hidden or deleted icons?

You can easily recover the deleted desktop default icons in windows vista. For example, when you right click on recycle bin icon in windows vista, there is an option to delete it. If you cannot find your desktop default icon then there is a simple method to recover them.
Follow the list of windows vista default icons.
  • Computer
User's Files
Internet Explorer
Control Panel
Fellow the given steps to restore the desktop default icons:
First right click on any empty area of the windows vista desktop.
Now click on Personalize option in the shortcut menu.
Now a windows dialog box will appear with the title "Personalize appearance and sounds".
On the left hand side of this dialog box, click on "Change desktop icons" under the Task section.
Now "Desktop Item Settings" dialog box will appear with different options.
Under the "Desktop" tab, select the all check box under the "Desktop icons" section or click on "Restore default" button to restore the all default icons on your windows vista desktop.
Now Press Ok button to save setting and close dialog box.

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