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How to Make Internet Faster

Expert Author Tomas Rochett
Internet service providers usually offer multiple plans to their customers, and the primary factor that differentiates one plan from another is speed. If you want a faster internet connection, you are best served by subscribing to a faster plan. You cannot subscribe to a 1 Mbps plan and expect to download files at 20 Mbps. However, once you have subscribed to a fast plan, there are many factors that can reduce the effective speed of your internet connection. How to make internet faster then? The following tips should help you do just that.
Every modern browser has a disk cache which is used to store offline content. Whenever you use your browser to access a page for the first time, the browser will store the page in its disk cache. So the next time you visit the same page, and if the page has not been changed, the browser will not have to download it again it will merely load the page from the disk cache and display it. All this happens behind the scenes, and because it happens locally itself, the page can be loaded almost instantaneously. The same applies to other media such as video from YouTube, images etc. By increasing your browsers disk cache, you can significantly increase your effective internet speed.
A number of processes slow down a computer's effective internet speed by accessing the internet in the background. If you are using a peer-to-peer file sharing software, make sure it is not accessing the internet in the background. Even if it is not downloading any files, it can still eat into your bandwidth by uploading files. If you have Windows 7, you can find out the processes that are using your bandwidth by accessing the Resource Monitor. The Resource Monitor shows all active processes, and the bandwidth used by them, under the Network tab. Kill or stop all processes that are wasting your bandwidth.
Another step you can take to get faster internet connection is to use a faster domain name server. Most internet service providers have a fairly fast connection, but their domain name servers are relatively slow. You can change the settings of your internet connection to use a free and faster domain name server such as OpenDns or Google Public DNS.
When you want a faster internet connection, you have to start by subscribing to a faster plan. Once you have the fastest connection you can afford, you should use the tips mentioned above to optimize your computer and get a faster web browsing experience.
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