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Tips for Protecting Your Windows 7 Machine

Let’s review 5 features that can help enhance your security using Microsoft Windows 7. First we have UAC, User Account Control. It’s been quite controversial on the security community as to whether UAC provides any security benefit. According to antivirus vendors, 8 out of 10 viruses actually would run perfectly well on the default Windows 7 installation which had UAC enabled.
If UAC deployed properly, you can deploy it as a least privilege model for users where anytime something tries to ask privilege and no way can it automatically happen, nor can users approve it. This allows IT department guys to make the proper decision as to whether the code should be allowed to execute.
Second we have Applocker. Applocker is the technology that Microsoft has enhanced in Windows 7 to provide more capabilities and make it easier to restrict applications that are running on your network. Applocker is most frequently used to reduce the threat surface. This means making sure there are not lots of different applications running on your network that you need to worry about patching against vulnerabilities and the latest security threats.
Lastly app locker can be used to help prevent data leakage. Many organizations have had issues with users installing peer-to-peer file applications and then having documents unknowingly sent out to the network without their knowledge. By using Applocker you can restrict these applications and ensure that you are controlling the data.
Continuing along the theme of data loss, over 12000 are lost every week in US airports, and 600000 are stolen every year. Bitlocker technology can perform full disc encryption on your Windows 7 laptops.
The fourth way in which Windows 7 can help improve your security is through Bitlocker To Go. Bitlocker To Go can encrypt removable devices like USB sticks, external hard drives, or any other type of removable storage devices.

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