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Wi-Fi WiMAX: The Fast and Reliable Wireless Connectivity Protocol

In this day and age, Internet mobility is very important. The Internet is no longer just a place for leisure; many things in the world these days live off of it. For one, the Internet can generate good income. With the millions of small, medium and big businesses based off of it, the market value of the Internet must be priceless. Also, the Internet is a primary mode of communication. Not a lot of people know how having a good Internet connection can save lives. A good example would be the tsunami disaster in Aceh back in 2004. Everything was a disaster then. Communicating via phone lines was impossible. But amidst all the limitations then, rescuers and aids were able to communicate... by using the Internet. There are many ways to get connected these days, but one of the most impressive and innovative modes of connecting to the Internet is called Wi-Fi WiMAX.
Wi-Fi WiMAX is basically a wide-scale telecommunications protocol that gives mobile and other devices access to the Internet wherever they are. WiMAX uses wireless technology paired with high-end equipment to provide those who sign up for the service unlimited access to the Internet. Wi-Fi WiMAX provides people with reliable connectivity wherever they are. People might mix up Wi-Fi WiMAX with traditional Wi-Fi connectivity. These two are actually different. You see, Wi-Fi provides people with Internet connectivity but within a certain range only. WiMAX, on the other hand, works in a way larger scale. Also, WiMAX is independent of any wired connection. As you may or may not know, Wi-Fi work in such a way where a wireless router is connected to a line or cable- based Internet connection. WiMAX technology is totally standalone. It works on its own and doesn't depend on any kind of local connection. Although both use wireless technology, these to are very different in nature.
If you want to know how effective Wi-Fi WiMAX is, all you have to do is go back the example given previously. In 2004, WiMAX wasn't in wide use to the public yet. The main medium for all the communications in Aceh then was actually WiMAX. Everyone was solely dependent on WiMAX technology to communicate. As you would guess, if WiMAX wasn't reliable enough, it wouldn't have been used in such a sensitive situation, such as a large scale disaster. Nowadays, of course, WiMAX is fully accessible to the public. Most developed countries have WiMAX available. Some developing countries also offer WiMAX services. Wi-Fi WiMAX is definitely the future of, not just mobile, but Internet connectivity. It is currently being developed so that it will be able to connect with speeds of up to 1 Gbit/second. With that kind of speed, paired with the perks of being wireless, it is definitely the connection to beat. WiMAX technology is definitely worth a try. Trying it out would be like having a taste of the future. For a reliable and fast wireless connection, all you need is WiMAX wireless technology.
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